Traveling Between Anchorage And Seward Via Shuttle

Traveling to Alaska is a dream for many people from around the world and in the continental United States. A popular way to see notable parts of Alaska is on the water. The adventurous travelers make their way to Anchorage airport and take a shuttle off to Seward.

The Seward cruise terminal is 125 miles away from the Anchorage airport, hotels, and other attractions, and runs just approximately two-and-one-half hours by way of a bus. That is not how every adventurer who makes it to Alaska wants to spend their time.

Train Mindset

Many take to the railways or the train for a leisurely jaunt that occupies a whole 6 hours. The train does not make any stops along the way, but is considered a trip all of its own and is just one leg of the journey people look forward to making. Whether you are more pressed for time or know that exhaustion will have set in by the time you are returning from your cruise, you may want to skip the train in favor of the bus route.

For those who are just starting out on their journey, the train is an excellent way to get into a slower vacation mindset. If taking in views and relaxing sights are what this trip of a lifetime is about for you, then the rail might be your best bet.

By Car

Consider taking a car the full way both ways too. This runs about as long as the bus trip. A note here on times. There are different estimates that the train takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, so plan accordingly and allow for 6 hours. The same is true for the bus. It might occupy up to 3 hours.

The drive is in itself very beautiful and allows you to stop to take photos if you would like. This appeals to families as well as nature lovers who want to take it all in at their own pace.

Many people who are into making the outdoor trip all that and more decide to rent an RV to get around so that they can camp and prepare their own meals. Taking to the water for a tour of the fjords and glaciers makes the trip all the way out to Seward well worth it.

Timely Departures

It is important to note the different costs for all of these different modes of transportation. If you will be renting an RV, you have to compare its costs against that of hotels, restaurants, gas, car rentals, and anything else that you are getting in one of these all-in-one deals, an RV.

The train leaves Anchorage daily at 6:45 and costs in the $150 to $300-range. The bus heads out at 7:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 3 pm daily. It is approximately $90 per round trip, or $55 to $60 one way. The railroad is special for its historic feel and the views.

Seward is worth the visit. Whether you will be sticking around town or doing more exploring, there are many different transportation and rooming options.

Traveling From Anchorage To Seward: What Are Your Transportation Options


If you’re traveling from Anchorage to Seward, you’ll have to determine what the best method of transportation is. There are three main options available to you, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Traveling By Car

If you have access to a car, driving may be the simplest way for you to get from point A to point B. If there isn’t a lot of traffic on the Seward highway, you should be able to make the trip in as little as 2 and 1/2 hours. If you’re planning on spending some time in Seward after you arrive, your car will make it easy for you to explore the town.

With that said, there are some disadvantages to driving. It’s not a good fit for every situation. For example, if you’re going to be catching a plane out of Anchorage, then heading back to Seward afterward, you won’t want to take your own car. Parking will be too expensive. You’ll also have to worry about the cost of gas.

Consider your situation and decide whether or not driving would work for you.

Traveling By Bus

While taking the bus can be a bit of a hassle, the bus ride for Anchorage to Seward isn’t as long as you might think. The trip can generally be completed in about three hours; about the same amount of time it would take you to get to Seward by car. In addition, taking the bus to Seward is usually very cheap.

Of course, if you decide to take the bus, you’ll be limited by the bus schedule. Buses only travel into Seward at certain times of the day. If you want to leave very early, or very late at night, you might not have that option.

Check out the bus schedule, and see if it complements your own schedule. Try to determine whether or not you’d like to take the bus.

Traveling By Train

Riding into Seward by train won’t be all that quick. The trip will be about four hours in total. With that said, taking the train is a truly special experience. You’ll get to ride along the historic Alaska Railroad. The views from the train can be absolutely breathtaking. You’ll be able to see mountains, glaciers, and more. If you’re taking a trip, a train ride can really enhance the experience.

With that said, if you’re on a tight schedule, or if you’re not interested in admiring the Alaskan scenery, the train might not be the best fit for you. It’s a little more expensive than the other two options. If you’re going to be paying more for the train, you need to make sure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

If you’re planning a trip from Anchorage to Seward, you should take a look at all of your different options. Whether you decide to hop in your car, catch a bus, or enjoy a train ride, you’ll have a great time getting to your destination. It’s a long yet lovely drive.

Your Options For Traveling From Seward To Anchorage Airport

When it comes to finding the right transportation options to get from the airport to your cruise line in Alaska can be a complex task. However, there are a few transportation companies in the area that offer several tour and bus transfer options between these two areas along with standard types of transportation between the areas of Whittier, Seward and Anchorage Alaska.

When you take the time to research the different travel options in the area, you will find that there are companies that make use of modern buses that are coach-styled along with their own restrooms on board. This offers you a way to travel safely and in comfort. Some of the travel options include:

The Wildlife Bus Transfer

This trip will collect you from the airport, the surrounding hotels or from car rentals which assists in making this long drive more convenient and scenic. You will be able to stop off at some beautiful sights and the Wildlife Center so that you can take some memories home with you. This stop at the Wildlife Center allows for an enjoyable shuttle experience where you are able to leave the bus, stretch, take a few pictures and get something to eat. The attentive, professional and friendly guides and drivers are highly experienced in offering superior customer service and always meet their guests with a friendly and caring attitude.

The Transportation Options From Seward To Anchorage Airport

When traveling from Seward to Anchorage, there are shuttle services that are coordinated with each of the cruise ships departures and arrivals. The distance that lies between Seward and Anchorage is approximately 125 miles which offers stunning scenery when traveling along the highway. It is suggested that that the economical bus services are the best option when compared to choosing a taxi, rented car or a train to travel between these two cities. Because the Seward Alaska Airport does not have availability for the commercial airlines, these shuttle services offer transportation for the Seward Cruise Ship Pier onto the Anchorage Alaska Ted Steven Airport, car rentals and all the main hotels. This transportation is offered in the form of mini buses or motor coaches.


These services offer more comfort, extra leg room, large windows and professional and highly experienced licensed and narration drivers. What is appealing about this service is the fully-narrated services along with the comprehensive tour options. These service providers typically make use of coaches which are safer than limousine coaches and vans due to the fact that they must follow the DOT standards. This includes fully inclusive commercial insurance and a commercial driver’s license in order to operate these vehicles.

The 125 mile trip on one of these shuttles is conducted over 2 and half hours which is far quicker when compared to the Alaska train or rail which typically takes around 6 hours without any stops. The shuttle transfers are the more well-known options for traveling from Seward to the Anchorage airport and offer the most scenic and comfortable route when traveling from Seward AK to Anchorage AK.